|| ROCK CUP - Lincoln Red Imps FC Ladies - Lions Gibraltar FC Ladies   4th June 2016

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Frankie Hatton  |   30 October 2015



Visiting the training ground this week I spoke at length to our manager JuanLu about the team, his ideas and his thoughts on the players and the season so far. Once Juan Lu was brought on board back in July/August it opened us up to some new players that are already showing real promise as the season unfolds. Players like David Narvaez, Salas, Lata, Raul Segura, Kike, Cantizano and Jonay brilliantly complement some of our real home talent like Nathan Santos, Rafa Bardo, Jayce Olivero, Jayden Catania, Evan Green, and Sykes Garro. We have others too Lython, Louie McCoy and Aidan Viñales as well as Abdou Farissi and Aymen Mouehli, Ishmael, Adam and JoseLu each


player as and JoseLu each player as far as the manager is concerned, an integral and important cog in the Lions team whether they play from the start, from the bench or from the reserve team.


His main ethos as we can see from the play this season is always pressing and fast interplay, lots of movement and one touch football, go forward and attack.


“The players are blending well, you can see from the training sessions that they all get along well and like to joke but they know when to be serious and knuckle down giving the best for the team. We have some really fast players, lots of attacking options and some players with a lot of experience like Lata who has years behind him and is perfect for his role up front. Ishmael is one of the characters of the team, always shouting and encouraging the others, Salas and Aymen at the back are solid alongside Diego and Jayden. Raul and Kike have been getting better each game and the last couple of games Narvaez has been superb with his goals against Angels a highpoint especially the shot from distance. We need match fitness like every team but already against St Joseph’s when we drew 1-1 and Lincoln where the 2-0 defeat didn’t reflect the play we had. It shows this season the Lions can be a force to reckon with. Only time and results will tell, obviously but watching this squad every training session is impressive and to be honest it is difficult to leave players out of the starting 11 but that’s the job.”


One of the players not on show yet this season is Jose Luis Romero he played pre-season but he has been out for several weeks due to an injury but he ought to be back soon adding another rocket to our arsenal. The rest you can catch during any of our games at the Victoria stadium or pop along and watch the training sessions.

Lions Gibraltar  Wellington Front 43A, Via Queensway Road, Gibraltar.