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Interview with a lioness

Frankie Hatton  |  5th January 2016



With the Lionesses doing so well within their league, we thought that we should  find out what makes their captain and the team so successful. I talked to their captain Stacey Rowbottom to see what she had to say about being the captain of such a successful team and here's what she said:


"It's a great honour and privilege to be Captain of the Lions Ladies FC team (also known as The Lionesses), but however this great honour also brings responsibilities. My teammates are a great bunch to lead, they make life easy for me as they are supportive in my decisions.  I have their full respect and trust to lead them in the right direction. I am accountable after all performances at official matches and in training practices. I am expected to perform in the clutch and lead the team, maintain resilience in the most pressurised situations and be the model of excellence for the Club as a whole.  It is up to me to create an atmosphere where players feel comfortable and eager to perform to the best of their abilities. I understand that all problems that the full team faces are relayed to the Club through me as a central focal point. I sincerely hope that I may continue to strive for the betterment of my team mates, Club and  promotion of Ladies Football."

- Stacey Rowbottom



After that I asked her some further questions to find out more about her experience in the football world.


F: That's excellent, can you also answer these questions? How long have you been Captain?

S: I've been captain of lions for two years now.


F: How long and for whom gave you played football?

S: I've played football for many teams, I'm a veteran in the Gibraltar  ladies football, having  been playing for over 19years now.


F: What position do you play?

S: I'm a defender but due to injury and lack of goalies I spent 2 seasons in goal.


F: What's difficult in the main for ladies about the game?

S: The most difficult obstacle is getting allocations for training due to lack of facilities.  Not having linesmen for matches is also a detriment as we enjoy playing the offside rule.


F: What is the biggest problems ladies football face?

S: In my view the biggest problem is lack of ladies teams and lack of players, hopefully that will get better as the GFA are investing in teaching young girls, they do "Fun Friday's" every Friday from 5-6pm at Westside School in which I go down and help out along with some other lions ladies.


If you're interested in getting involved in the teams please get in touch via facebook or send us a message below:



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Lions Gibraltar  Wellington Front 43A, Via Queensway Road, Gibraltar.