On the 7th May 2020, following internal discussions amongst the Gibraltar FA Board of Directors and the Governance & Strategy Board, as well as discussions with the Gibraltar Football League Association, it has been decided that the 2019-2020 Gibraltar National League season will be declared Null and Void, and therefore, the National League Championship Title will remain vacant without a Domestic Champion. There will be no Domestic Champion for the 2019/20 season. 

Although the Gibraltar FA acknowledged that the current standings placed Europa FC in a favourable position to ultimately go on to win the title, there was still sufficient chance for St Joseph’s FC to overtake them and proceed to winning the title themselves. The Gibraltar FA therefore concluded that in the interests of sporting integrity, it could not declare a Champion without completion of the remaining matches.

This decision will be communicated to UEFA, along with confirmation of the three Clubs representing Gibraltar in next season’s UEFA Club Competitions. For further updates, please visit www.gibraltarfa.com.

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