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LIONS FOOTBALL CLUB was founded in 1966 when a group of friends decided to take up a team after the euphoria of England winning the 1966 World Cup, thus the three lions on our club badge. This club caters for a variety of local sports football in all levels, hockey & pool. We are pleased to inform you that our club is now considered one of the best in local Junior football, something which has been publicly repeated on numerous occasions that we are an example to follow. We currently have 10 junior teams (160 players approx) 2 in each junior categories. Category ranging from U7, U9, U11, U13 and U15's teams and three senior teams one in each category Premier, Reserves and Second division. Our club premises called 'THE DEN' is situated at Wellington Front 43A, Via Queensway Road, Gibraltar. Tel +350 20076454

Legend of the Lions

Lion’s football club was established during 1966, when a group of youngsters impressed by England’s World Cup Victory decided to form a club.


The team of 1966 had various degree of success over the last four decades and it is fitting that having reached our 40th Anniversary, we are again focusing on Youth development. At present we have embarked on a ten year project which will enhance the clubs strategy in promoting the game of football at club level Gibraltar.  We are proud to have ten youth teams ranging from U7’s to U15’s and three senior teams. Our aim is to use grass roots players for our 1st team squad via our 2 reserves sides. The idea is to try and instill skills and discipline to all our players so that they can perform at the top of the game.  We have managed to maintain the standard of football to an acceptable level but unfortunately have to deal with poaching of players from other clubs. We are ambitious and want to go further as we need to increase our standards to be able to be more competitive and try to challenge the top local clubs.    We have increased the number of teams within our club and can proudly say that we also have a veteran side.


The project is eight years down the line and has already produced league winners and cup champions at U7’s, U11’s, U13’s and U15’s.


Lions Football club has diversified and has introduced other sports into the club such as Hockey and a Pool (8-ball) our aim is to develop from a football club to a football and social club encompassing different types of sports and become a sports social club which is very much needed in Gibraltar.


The founder member and first President was Mr. Alfred Sene, who started the club from scratch in 1966. He was a hands on President who was also the coach of the team and did challenge the top clubs in Gibraltar but unfortunately we are still awaiting that league title which continues to elude us.  Since Mr Sene’s retirement (1986) the club has had five Presidents Messrs Sergio Parody, Robert Hanglin, Anthony Risso, Dennis Nuza (14 years)  to the current incumbent Mr Alexander Grech who has managed to be part of the committee in various posts throughout many years showing his extreme dedication to the club before becoming President. We must thank all past Presidents for their services to the club and may they continue to support us as they currently do.


Our very first premises a government dwelling was situated at Bell Lane. In 1984 due to a large fire most of the clubs such as Lions and including the Gibraltar Football Association had to vacate its premises and were all relocated in Wellington Front.  We now have larger premises after an extensive refurbishment and are at the moment trying to secure even larger premises in order to include a gymnasium for the use of players and members.


Our goal is to win the prestigious Gibraltar Football League shield in first division and all junior category leagues and cups. Also we would be extremely proud and we pledge to support and help produce local professional football players.

Presidents and Founders


  • Founder  Mr. Alfred Sene 1966
  • 2nd President  Mr. Messrs Sergio Parody
  • 3rd President  Mr. Robert Hanglin
  • 4th President  Mr. Anthony Risso
  • 5th President  Mr. Denis Nuza
  • Current President  Mr. Alex Grech


Lions Gibraltar  Wellington Front 43A, Via Queensway Road, Gibraltar.